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Drum Crushers

SRS Drum crushers


SRS Drum crusher is the leading drum processing system provider. We have various clients from all over the globe. Drum crusher is one efficient system with which you can recycle damaged and used drums. These equipments make the chemical and paint companies quite convenient to wash the drums easily with less time.

drum crushers Our drum crusher system is specially designed for ink, paint, and chemical companies. It can be said that Drum Washers/Crushers are the perfect solution to all the problem of cleaning 30 to 55-gallon drums. It reduces the labor’s exposure to most cleaning solutions and vapors. Once clean the drums can be reused or sold as scrap plastic or metal rather than being sent for special waste / hazardous waste.

Drum crusher will be highly beneficent to chemical and painting companies. They can recycle the damaged drums and  easily generates income. Drum crushers will enable them to reduce disposal of drums as useless waste and waste quantities. On the other side it is a good system that helps you to prevents hazardous waste transportation and disposal costs. It is obvious that drum crusher is really a cost saving system as you are washing and re-using drums with the effective and repeated rinsing and less labor intensive practice. With the help of this tool you can avoid the labor’s exposure to dangerous chemicals reactions. Such Drum crushers are compatible with solvent solutions also.

The drum crushers are a close system so operators need not to have direct contact and exposure to chemicals used during the operations. The whole system will automatically shut-down when any unsafe situation are detected by the digital controller. Thus drum crusher is becoming the most preferred drum processing  system.